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Too often dogs are judged based on their breed and not their individual personality. That's like judging someone because their skin is a different color - and that's coming from a skinhead! Judging someone based on their appearance is ignorant and wrong. Get to know someone, be they a human or an animal, before you make assumptions.

This blog is in the hopes of educating people on the different breeds of dogs that are often seen as dangerous and aggressive, only because of the breed that they were born. I will include mostly photos but also news events, stories, photos and writing submitted by others/followers, advice, dog training tips, breed characteristics and facts, statistics, and more! I hope you learn something and I hope to open the eyes to more people and change the way they see these beautiful animals. I know I've already changed the mind of one person, who once hated Pitbulls and talked terribly about them. After meeting the ones I had as my own or in my rescue, she now owns two of them!

Click here for a list and descriptions of my other blogs and websites for my animal rescue.
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